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    • Fixed errors when exporting elevation data to OpenDRIVE. ticket2641
    • Fixed format conformity issues when exporting OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2673, ticket2674, ticket2682
    • Networks exported in the DlrNavteq format are now written with --numerical-ids by default.
    • Fixed crash when importing OpenDrive and using edge-removal options. ticket2685
    • Improved connection guessing at roads with a lane reduction.
    • Fixed crash when specifying a <split>-element for a roundabout-edge. ticket2737
    • The option --geometry.max-segment-length is now working when importing OSM data. ticket2779
    • Improved heuristic for option osm.layer-elevation to reduce unrealistic up-and-down geometries.
    • Fixed steep grades near intersections in networks with 3D-geometry. ticket2782
    • Geometry fixes for output in DlrNavteq format. ticket2785,ticket2786
    • Fixed crash when doing undo/redo connection changes at a newly created junction. ticket2662
    • Fixed slow operation when switching between move-mode and other modes in a large network.
    • Fixed slow operation when move junctions in large networks. ticket2699
    • Selecting objects by matching against attributes now works on windows. ticket2675
    • Fixed crash when setting custom geometry endpoinds. ticket2693
    • Fixed shortcuts ticket2694
    • Fixed crash when using option --numerical-ids.
    • Fixed visualization errors when using --offset.disable-normalizaton false
    • When adding sidewalks to selected lanes, pedestrians are now automatically forbidden on the other lanes. ticket2708
    • Fixed bug that was causing interface lag when right-clicking in networks with detailed geometry.
    • Configuring the visualisation of generated induction loops for actuated traffic lights is now working. ticket2639
  • MESO
    • when using option --meso-tls-penalty the maximum flow at controlled intersections is now scaled according to fraction of available green time. ticket2753
    • Fixed various issues related to inconsistent handling of net and gross time gaps. This was causing exaggerated speeds. The option --meso-taujf <TIME> now corresponds to the net time-gap (as do --meso-taufj, --meso-tauff). It's default value has been reduced from 2.0 to 1.73 correspondingly (reproducing the old behavior at 100km/h).
    • Fixed invalid coloring of the gap between lanes. ticket1428
  • TraCI
    • Fixed crash when trying to reroute vehicles before their departure.
    • Fixed inefficiency when calling vehicle.rerouteTravelTime() multiple times per simulation step (edge weights are now updated at most once per step).
    • Various fixes to vehicle.moveToXY mapping behavior.
    • unsubscribing now works in the python client. ticket2704
    • The C++ client now properly closes the simulation when calling close()
    • Subscriptions to 2D-Positions are now working in the C++ client
  • Tools
    • now correctly handles changes to spreadType and other optional attributes. ticket2722
    • now returns consistent values for edge.getShape(): the center-line of all lanes. Previously, the raw edge shape used in netconvert was returned.


    • Added new option --window-pos <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window placement.
    • Added new button to the object locator dialog that allows toggling selection status. ticket2687
    • Parking vehicles are now listed in the vehicle locator dialog. This can be disabled using a new menu option. Teleporting vehicles can optionally be listed as well ticket2750
    • Vehicles can now be colored by time loss (accumulated over the whole route). The time loss is also shown in the vehicle parameter dialog.
  • MESO
    • Added new option --meso-minor-penalty <TIME> for applying a time penalty when passing a minor link. This may be used to model slow down on approach or even intersection delays when running without --meso-junction-control. ticket2640
    • When using the option --meso-tls-penalty <FLOAT> to model mesoscopic traffic lights, the maximum capacity of edges is now reduced according to the proportion of green-time and cycle time at controlled intersection. ticket2753
    • The number of queues for the current segment is now shown in the edge parameter dialog
    • The latest headway for the current segment is now shown in the edge parameter dialog
    • Pedestrian rail crossings are now working. ticket2654
    • Added new option --geometry.check-overlap <FLOAT> for finding edges with overlapping lanes. This is typically a sign of faulty inputs. The accompanying option --geometry.check-overlap.vertical-threshold <FLOAT> filters out edges that are separated vertically by at least the given value (default 4.0). ticket2648
    • The options --keep-edges.explicit, --keep-edges.input-file now allow for white-listing in combination with other removal options (edges are kept if listed explicitly or if any other keep-condition is met). ticket2680
    • Added new option --osm.oneway-spread-right <BOOL> for setting the default spreadType to right for one-way edges (i.e. motorways).
    • The <split>-element now supports the new attributes idBefore, idAfter to determine the ids of the newly created edges. ticket2731
    • Added new option --reserved-ids <FILE> for loading a selecting of node and edge ids that shall be avoided in the output network.
    • When importing networks from DlrNavteq format, the new option --construction-date YYYY-MM-DD can now be used to interpret the readiness of roads under construction.
    • Networks exported to DlrNavteq format now contain additional information: bridge/tunnel information, form of way, ZIP code, prohibited_manoeuvres, connected_lanes
    • Warnings are now issued when steep grades are present in the road network. The warning threshold can be configured using the new option geometry.max-grade <FLOAT>.
    • Added new option --window-pos <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window placement.
    • new hotkeys implemented. ticket2694
    • New icons for edit modes. ticket2612
    • Added new button to the object locator dialog that allows toggling selection status. ticket2687
    • Added new option --flow-output.probability <BOOL> for generating probabilistic flows instead of evenly spaced flows. Thanks to Dominik Buse for the patch.
  • TraCI
    • The python client now supports vehicle.getPosition3D.
    • Added the functions vehicle.getLine and vehicle.setLine to the python client and the C++ client (to be used for public transport) ticket2719
    • Added the functions vehicle.getVia and vehicle.setVia to the python client and the C++ client (affects subsequent rerouting calls) ticket2729


  • Miscellaneous

Version 0.28.0 (01.11.2016)


  • Simulation
    • Fixed bug that was causing insufficient overtaking on a single-lane road when using sublane simulation (most noticeable with small step-lenghts). ticket2518
    • Fixed invalid count of insertion-backlog for flows. ticket2535
    • Added check for possibility to stop at scheduled stops during insertion. ticket2543
    • Fixed invalid timeLoss values in tripinfo-output (last step was counted twice for some vehicles).
    • Fixed bug that would prevent a vehicle from reaching the end of it's route after rerouting while being teleported. ticket2554
    • Fixed erroneous detector output for a special situation. ticket2556
    • Fixed computation of energy loss for subsecond simulation. ticket2559
    • Fixed crash when using closing-rerouters that prevent vehicles from departing after being loaded (related to ticket2561).
    • Fixed invalid permissions when using multiple closing-rerouters that modify permissions of the same edge ticket2560.
    • Fixed crash when using the sublane model with varying lane widths. ticket2585
    • The option --ignore-errors now properly ignores vClass-related errors. ticket2148
    • Vehicles are now properly angled during lane-changing in sublane-simulation. ticket2525
  • MESO
    • Tripinfo-output now has appropriate timeLoss values. ticket2570
    • Fixed invalid lane permissions when setting lane-specific attributes without specifying lane-specific permissions. ticket2515
    • Fixed invalid elevation values at junctions when importing OpenDRIVE networks.
    • Fixed crash when importing OpenDRIVE networks.
    • Fixed invalid internal-lane geometries when exporting OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2562
    • Fixed various specification conformity issues when exporting OpenDRIVE networks.
    • Option --street-sign-output now only generates signs at real intersections.
    • Fixed error when loading a .net.xml file and patching lane numbers with an .edg.xml file. ticket2459
    • The visulization option show lane borders is now working.
    • Fixed crash when user loads an empty E3 detector ticket2249
    • Geometry nodes are no longer drawn when set to full transparency (alpha = 0).
    • Geometry nodes are now colored for selected edges.
    • All textures are now loaded instead of a white square or a netedit crash. ticket2594 ticket2476 ticket2597
  • TraCI
    • Vehicles added via method add() of the python client now have the correct departDelay value. ticket2540
    • Vehicle type value retrieval via the C++ API is now working.
    • Setting and retrieving edge travel times and efforts via the C++ API is now working.
    • It is now possible to specify routes that contain TAZ-edges. ticket2586


    • Added new option --new <BOOL> for starting with an empty network.
    • Added new option --window-size <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window size. ticket2514
    • Junction attribute tltype is now supported.
    • Joined TLS can now be defined by setting the junction attribute tl following the same rules as in .nod.xml files. ticket2389
    • Added support for restricted lanes (Sidewalks, buslanes and bikelanes). ticket1568
    • Now junction visualization can be toggled between bubbles and their real shape when in Move-mode.
    • Connections can now be shown in inspect mode (by activating a check-box) and their attributes can be edited. They can also be selected in select-mode and deleted in delete mode. When inspecting edges or lanes, controls for accessing their connections are now available. ticket2067
    • Added new option --window-size <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window size. ticket2514
    • Added new visualization setting for drawing right-of-way rules (colored bars).
    • Background images (decals) now support the new Boolean attribute screenRelative. When set to true, position and size are relative to the drawing window instead of being relative to the network. ticket2438
    • Vehicle types are now included in the emitters-output by default. The new option --vtype-output <FILE> allows redirection the vTypes into a separate file.
    • If the average measured speeds are systematically above the speed limit of the respective roads, the written vTypes use attribute speedFactor to reflect systematic speeding.
    • Added new option --speeddev <FLOAT> to set a speed deviation for the generate vTypes
  • TraCI
    • Added new convenience function traci.start that automatically selects a port, starts sumo on that port and connects. ticket2236
    • Added new get/set command height (0xbc) to retrieve and modify vehicle height (applicable to vehicles and vehicle types). ticket2573
    • When adapting edge travel times and efforts, the (optional) parameters begin and end are now supported by the python client and the C++ client. ticket2584
  • Tools
    • The tool (previously undocumented) now supports additional options for departure time modification based on departure edge and for shifting departures within one time interval to another interval. ticket2568
    • supports the new alias --edge-permission for former option --vclass.


  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 13
  • Miscellaneous
    • The full 24h-dataset for the TAPASCologne scenario is now available
    • The deprecated option --lanechange.allow-swap is no longer supported. ticket2116
    • The laneChangeModel="JE2013" has been removed due to strong similarity with LC2013. Using the model is deprecated and now defaults to LC2013
    • SUMOPy has been added to the SUMO repository and to the relase. Many thanks to Joerg Schweizer.
    • The libraries for the Windows build and release were updated to Fox 1.6.52 and Xerces-C 3.1.4 (with an additional fix for XERCESC-2052)

Version 0.27.1 (27.07.2016)


    • Original IDs are no longer lost when splitting edges. ticket2497
    • Elevation data is now correctly imported from OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2239
    • Fixed crash when increasing the number of lanes by setting numLanes. ticket2505
    • Fixed slow loading of large networks.
    • Custom colors for selected junctions and edges are now working. ticket2386
    • Fixed crash when using option --ignore-error with invalid via-edges. ticket2494


  • Simulation
    • Added new option save-state.period <TIME> to save simulation state periodically. ticket2441
    • Added new option save-state.suffix <STRING> to determine the suffix of saved state files. The default is .sbx which saves in a binary format. Alternatively, .xml may be used which makes the state files human-readable.
    • Networks exported to OpenDRIVE now use parametric curves to represent smooth geometry in place of straight-line segments. ticket2041
    • Networks exported to OpenDRIVE now contain elevation data. ticket2240
    • Parametric curves as specified in OpenDRIVE version 1.4 can now be imported. ticket2478
    • Revised default OpenDRIVE typemap. Now imports additional lane types such as tram and rail. ticket2492
    • Added new option osm.layer-elevation <FLOAT> to import implicit elevation data from OSM-layering information.
    • Networks imported from OpenDRIVE now contain edge type information based on the OpenDRIVE lane types. ticket2509
    • Added Visualization options for drawing intersections with exaggerated size and disable edge drawing based on custom widths. ticket2140
    • Added Visualization option for indicating the driving direction of lanes. ticket2180
    • Added Visualization option for drawing sublane boundaries
    • Lanes can now be colored according to the number of vehicles that are delayed from entering the network. ticket2489
    • Added Visualization options for drawing intersections with exaggerated size and disable edge drawing based on custom widths. ticket2140
    • Added Visualization option for indicating the driving direction of lanes. ticket2180

Version 0.27.0 (12.07.2016)


  • Simulation
    • Attribute via is now used when routing trips and flows within the simulation. ticket1272
    • Vehicles stopping at a <stop> now reach the exact location when using sub-second step-lengths. ticket1224
    • Vehicles are no longer considered stopped at a <stop> while still driving with high speed. ticket1864
    • Scheduled stops no longer count towards waitSteps and timeLoss in tripinfo-output. ticket2311
    • Fixed bug where vehicles would not depart from a triggered stop ticket2339
    • Fixed deadlock when vehicles with triggered stops could not load passengers or containers due to capacity constraints.
    • Fixed invalid edge travel times used for dynamic routing in case flow differs among the lanes. ticket2362
    • Fixed invalid edge travel times used for dynamic routing due to invalid averaging ticket2351
    • Fixed invalid time stamps for leave times and an off by one for instant induction loops ticket1841
  • MESO
    • The jam-front back-propagation speed now reaches realistic values (it was illogically low before). Note that default value of option --meso-taujj changes as well as it's semantics. ticket2244
    • Fixed bug where the simulation would not terminate when using calibrators. ticket2346
    • The options --meso-tauff and --meso-taufj now define net time gaps (default values were changed accordingly). The gross time gaps are computed based on vehicle lengths and edge speed to allow for more realistic flow in networks with widely varying speed limits. This also affects the threshold that defines jamming when using default options (thresholds based on allowed speeds). ticket2364
    • Fixed connection-guessing heuristic. ticket1992, ticket1219, ticket1633, ticket2398
    • Option is now working when loading a .net.xml file. ticket2280
    • Fixed bugs when importing cycleways from OSM. ticket2324
    • Option --output.original-names now records original edge ids even if input edges were joined. ticket2369
    • Fixed invalid road types when exporting OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2487
    • Fixed invalid lane permissions due to invalid removal of geometry-like nodes. ticket2488
    • Fixed crash when loading a large number of background images.
    • Fixed persons showing up too early in the locator. ticket1673
    • Fixed crash when trying to set an empty string as edge length or edge width. ticket2322
    • Fixed crash when deleting the last lane of an edge.
    • Trips and flows that use attribute via to loop over the destination edge more than once are now working. ticket2271
    • The output is now correctly sorted when using trips as input. ticket2361
    • Polyconvert output files can now be imported again by Polyconvert (i.e. for further transformations). ticket1715
  • TraCI
    • Fixed route.add, gui.screenshot and gui.trackVehicle and various lane commands for the C++ TraCI API client
    • Fixed crash when trying to set invalid routes. ticket2285
    • Fixed invalid values when retrieving edge mean speed and edge travel time in case flow differs among the lanes. ticket2362
    • Fixed retrieval of exit times for vehicles that spend multiple steps on an inductionloop when retrieving last step vehicle data (0x17). ticket2326


  • MESO
    • The option --meso-jam-threshold <FLOAT> now gives additional freedom when configuring a speed dependent jam-threshold. When an value below 0 is given the absolute value is taking as a factor for the minimum unjammed speed. Thus, negative values closer to 0 result in less jamming. The default value remains at -1 and results in the original behaviour (values above 0 set the occupancy fraction threshold independent of edge speed as before).
    • The number of running vehicles and persons is now shown in the status bar. This display also acts as a button for opening the network parameter dialog. ticket1943
    • Charging stations are now shown in a different color when active.
    • Persons are now more visible when selecting Draw with constant size when zoomed out.
    • Added the averaged speeds that are used for simulation routing to the lane parameter dialog.
    • Added new option --demo <BOOL> which automatically reloads and starts the simulation every time it ends. ticket1645
    • Can now color edges by the averaged speeds that are used for simulation routing.
    • Can now color edge segments (mesoscopic vehicle queues) individually by various traffic measures. ticket2243
    • Added option default.lanewidth <FLOAT> for setting the default width of lanes (also applies to NETGENERATE).
    • Added option numerical-ids <BOOL> for forcing all node and edge IDs to be integers (also applies to NETGENERATE). ticket1724
    • Added Option speed.minimum to avoid negative speeds when using Option --speed.offset. ticket2363
    • Many additional network structures such as busStops, detectors and variable speed signs can now be defined and manipulated. ticket1916
    • Added option grid.alphanumerical-ids <BOOL> for using a chess-like intersection naming scheme (A1, B3, etc).
  • TraCI
    • Added vehicle command next TLS to retrieve upcoming traffic lights along a vehicles route. ticket1760
    • The vehicle command move to XY (formerly move to VTD) now supports an additional flag which selects whether the original route shall be kept or the route may change and whether the vehicle may leave the road network. ticket2033, ticket2258
    • The vehicle command move to XY now allows moving vehicles that are still in the insertion buffer.
    • Added functions vehicle.add, vehicle.remove and vehicle.moveToXY to the C++ TraCI API client
    • Added object variable subscriptions and context subscriptions to the C++ TraCI-library (subscribe, getSubscriptionResults, subscribeContext, getContextSubscriptionResults). Thanks to Erik Newton for the patch.
    • Added person value retrieval functions to the C++ TraCI API client. Thanks to Caner Ipek for the patch.
    • Added vehicle command get speedmode 0xb3 to retrieve the speed mode of vehicles. ticket2455
    • Added vehicle command get slope 0x36 to retrieve the slope at its current position ticket2071
    • Added vehicle, lane and edge command get electricity consumption 0x71 to retrieve the electricity consumption if the emission model supports it. ticket2211
    • Multiple subscriptions for the same object are now merged. ticket2318


    • Network version is now 0.27.0

Version 0.26.0 (19.04.2016)


    • Fixed bug that was causing slightly exaggerated exit times to be shown when activating Show Link Items from the vehicle context menu. ticket2022
    • Fixed flickering brake lights due to small random decelerations. ticket2177
    • Areal detectors can now be hidden by setting their size exaggeration to 0.
    • Fixed invalid occupancy value for lane area detectors (was exaggerated by a factor of 100). ticket2217
    • Fixed crashing related to showing and tracking parameters of arrived vehicles. ticket2226,ticket2227
    • Fixed glitch when drawing rail carriages on edges with customized length. ticket2192
    • Fixed coordinate update without mouse movement. ticket2076
    • Fixed time display switch in initial view. ticket2069
    • Vehicle shape and size are now correctly updated when set via TraCI. ticket2791
  • MESO
    • Fixed bug that broke --meso-multi-queue behavior (regression in 0.25.0). ticket2150
    • vClass-specific speed limits are now used. ticket2205
    • tripinfo-output now contains valid timeLoss values. ticket2204
    • Fixed invalid travel time computation during simulation routing (was averaging segments instead of vehicles).
    • Fixed bug that made it impossible to modify numerical attributes (lane numbers, phase duration etc.) on some computers. ticket1966
    • Fixed error when modifying signal plans for joined traffic lights. ticket2185
    • Fixed invalid edge length attribute when inspecting networks without internal links. ticket2210
    • Fixed bug where junctions with uncommon shapes could not be selected.
    • Fixed bug that was causing unsafe internal junctions to be built. ticket2086, ticket2097
    • Fixed bug that was causing z-information to become corrupted. Thanks to Mirco Sturari for the patch.
    • Fixed bug where pedestrians never got the green light when loading a .net.xml file and adding pedestrian crossings.
    • Fixed bug where pedestrian walkingarea edges were missing. (This could cause invalid routes to be generated). ticket2060
    • Multiple connections from the same edge to the same target lane can now be set in post-processing (i.e. after removal of geometry-like nodes). ticket2066
    • Option --tls.guess-signals now respects option --tls.unset. ticket2093
    • Fixed invalid traffic light plans for networks with pedestrian crossings. ticket2095
    • Loading custom traffic light plans now correctly affects the building of internal junctions. ticket2098
    • Several fixes in regard to OpenDrive networks:
      • Added missing contactPoint attribute when writing OpenDrive networks.
      • Fixed geometry of lanes within intersections when writing OpenDrive networks.
      • Fixed geometry of lanes when importing imprecise OpenDrive networks ticket2085.
    • Option --street-sign-output now writes xsd-conforming output.
    • Fixed bugs that were causing invalid TLS plans to be generated for joined traffic lights. ticket2106, ticket2107
    • Fixed crash when importing OSM networks related to self-looping edges. ticket2135
    • Fixed bug that was causing invalid junction shapes and extremely large network boundaries. ticket2141
    • Fixed crashing (on Windows) and invalid traffic lights (Linux) when loading a .net.xml file and adding splits. ticket2147
    • Fixed invalid connections at edges with vClass-exclusive lanes. ticket2157, ticket2158
    • Fixed invalid traffic light plans for node type traffic_light_right_on_red. ticket2162
    • Fixed unsafe junction logic when using custom tls plans with node type traffic_light_right_on_red. ticket2163
    • Connections from lanes that are added during ramp guessing can now be specified. ticket2175
    • User-defined connections are no longer discarded at guessed ramps. ticket2196
    • Fixed error when guessing overlapping off-ramps. ticket2213
    • Fixed error when computing edge shapes with unusual input geometries. ticket2218
  • TraCI
    • Multiple fixes to the C++ TraCI library
      • commands gui.setScheme, gui.getScheme, inductionloop.getVehicleData
      • various set-commands were not consuming all result bytes and thus corrupted the message stream. Thanks to Alexander Weidinger for the patch. ticket2007
    • Fixes to TraaS functions Simulation_getDistance2D and Simulation_getDistanceRoad. ticket2127
    • Fixed crash when using vehicle command move to VTD. ticket2129
    • vehicle command move to VTD can now position vehicles on internal lanes. ticket2130
    • Commands that return the road distance no longer return an exaggerated value in networks without internal links (distances across intersections were counted twice).
    • vehicle command distance now takes the depart position into account (was using 0 before). ticket2203


    • Adjusted zooming distance when centering on simulation objects to make objects easier to find. ticket2146
    • Added option --waiting-time-memory <TIME> for tracking accumulated waiting time of vehicles. The accumulated waiting time (seconds of waiting time within the configured interval, default 100s) can be inspected in the vehicle's parameter window and the vehicles can be colored according to this value. ticket999
    • Lanes can now be colored by routing device assumed speed. This is an exponential moving average of mean travel speeds used for dynamic rerouting. ticket2189
  • MESO
    • Added option --meso-tls-penalty <FLOAT> as an alternative way to model the delay effects of traffic lights. When this option is set to a positive value, the expected delay time for each controlled link (based on red duration and cycle duration) is added to the travel time, multiplied with the <FLOAT> argument. By calibrating the parameter, the quality of TLS coordination can be modeled. ticket2199
    • Coloring vehicles by depart delay is now working. Added depart delay to the vehicle parameter dialog.
    • Added event time, entry time and block time to the vehicle parameter dialog. These values record when a vehicle leaves, entered and was blocked on an edge segment.
    • Added default typemaps similar to netconvert. ticket1853
    • Added person trips and IntermodalRouting
    • When a flow has a stop definition with attribute until, the time is shifted for each successive vehicle in the flow. ticket1514
    • Added bulk routing and better OD cell handling for speed improvements. ticket2167
  • TraCI
    • The python client is now thread safe when using multiple connections in parallel. Each opened connection returns an independent TraCI instance. ticket2091
    • Added support for vehicle commands to the C++ TraCI library Thanks to Alexander Weidinger for the patch. ticket2008
    • Added new TraaS commands Edge.getLastStepPersonIDs, Person.getNextEdge, Vehicle.getRouteIndex, Vehicle.getStopState, Vehicle.isStopped and some more stop-related vehicle commands.
    • The angle argument of vehicle command move to VTD now overrides the vehicle angle for drawing and fcd-output. ticket2131
    • Added new simulation command save state 0x95 for saving the current simulation state. ticket2191
  • Tools
    • now handles controlled edges within a joined traffic light definition automatically.
    • Added option --ignore-connections to This can be used to compute all components in the node graph without considering lane-to-lane connections.
    • Added option --symmetrical to (previously undocumented tool). This can improve opposite-finding in conjunction with option --radius.
    • Added option --geo to This can be used to visualize routes from one network within another network.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Visual Studio project files have been updated MSVC12. While it is still possible to build SUMO with MSVC10, this support may be dropped in the future in favor of C++11.
  • Simulation
    • When saving simulation state as XML, lane elements now contain their id for easier inspection.
    • The departPos values maxSpeedGap, pwagSimple and pwagGeneric were removed since they never worked as intended.
    • Option lanechange.allow-swap is now deprecated.
    • Vehicle type parameters were moved to a separate dialog box (Show Type Parameter). ticket2133
  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 11.

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