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  • Tools
    • made aware of vClasses (and use the sumolib for parsing)


Version 0.23.0 (31.03.2015)


  • Simulation
    • fixed bugs that caused multiple pedestrians to enter the same spot when using the striping model. ticket1506
    • fixed crash when vehicles with vClass="ignoring" attempt to drive across sidewalks and walkingareas.
    • fixed invalid departDelay in --tripinfo-output when using flows with attribute probablity. ticket1482
    • fixed rerouter interval ends which are now exclusive like all other intervals
    • fixed bug that caused invalid exit times when vehicles were teleported while on an intersection. ticket1520
    • fixed invalid estimation of the time and speed when reaching an intersection which could cause collisions. ticket1531 ticket1533
    • explicitly setting option --weight-attribute traveltime now properly fills the edge-weight container (i.e. for visualization). ticket1541
    • fixed invalid routeLength in --tripinfo-output when vehicles did not finish their route. ticket1539
    • fixed invalid routeLength in --tripinfo-output when using networks with internal lanes. ticket443
    • fixed bugs that were causing collisions. ticket1549, ticket1551, ticket1553, ticket1575, ticket1591
    • fixed bug that was causing vehicles to brake prematurely when turning left on a prioritized road. ticket1566
    • fixed crash when pedestrians were using the same edge twice in a row. ticket1555
    • fixed crash when pedestrians were given a disconnected route. ticket1578. Now disconnected routes are an error which is recoverable (by teleporting) using option --ignore-route-errors
    • pedestrians with a disconnected trip now properly reach their destination (if the option --ignore-route-errors is given). ticket1581
    • corrected reading the PHEMLIGHT_PATH environment variable
    • simulation now properly terminates when loading a <trip> with a from-edge that is shorter than the vehicle. ticket1559
    • vehicles no longer collide (visually) within an intersection when using the endOffset attribute. ticket970
    • fixed crash when attempting to load an additional tls program with unused phase states. ticket1641
    • fixed crash when specifying duplicate person ids. ticket1650
    • when adding sidewalks via type-map and a sidewalk already exists, the edge now remains unchanged.
    • fixed bug where some generated pedestrian crossings at T-intersections had a permanent red light. ticket1363
    • fixed bug where right-turning vehicles had the green light during the left-turn phase when pedestrian crossings where present.
    • the width of adjacent sidewalks is now taken into account when computing the width of a walkingarea.
    • fixed bug where an invalid network was generated when declaring a pedestrian crossing at a dead-end node. ticket1366
    • fixed bug in computation of walkingarea shape. ticket1257
    • fixed bug in connection computation when some connections were explicitly deleted (also applied to some OSM turn-restrictions). ticket1457
    • changing offset or algorithm type with .tll.xml file for TLS loaded from a .net.xml file without changing the phases now works. ticket1207
    • when loading <split> elements along with a .net.xml file, existing connections are preserved whenever possible. ticket1353
    • Fixed 3D-geometry of internal lanes at elevated junctions. ticket1526
    • Fixed invalid connections when generating ramps. ticket1529
    • Fixed invalid geometry when generating ramps. ticket1535
    • fixed bug where user defined connections were ignored at intersections with one incoming and one outgoing edge. ticket1552
    • fixed crash when loading a sumo net with pedestrian crossings and removing edges via options. ticket1557
    • fixed errors when building pedestrian crossings. ticket1582
    • fixed invalid connections at edges with sidewalks. ticket1586
    • fixed positioning of internal junctions at turnarounds when using the endOffset attribute. ticket1589
    • when importing from OSM, compound types now honor the setting discard="true" of the individual component types.
    • fixed junction shape when using lanes with custom width. ticket1604
    • user-defined node shapes are now correctly imported from .net.xml files. ticket1450
    • lane-specific settings are no longer lost when applying an .edg.xml patch file to an existing network definition. ticket1609
    • fixed some of the bugs that were causing inappropriate node shapes.
    • several fixes to the placement of internal junctions (waiting positions on the intersection for selected connections)
      • removed some internal junctions that were not necessary
      • repositioned internal junctions so that the waiting vehicles do not overlap with foe vehicles ticket1611
      • moved internal junctions at TLS-controlled nodes further towards the junction center (previously they respected foe vehicles which would never get the green light at the same time)
    • fixed invalid junction logic (right-of-way rules) when incoming edges had uncommon angles. ticket1632ticket1462
    • generate tls logic now matches the underlying edge priorities. The streams that would have priority if the node type was "priority" now always have a common green phase. ticket1642
    • the attribute controlledInner is now correctly exported to plain-xml output when importing a .net.xml where edges within a joined TLS are controlled. ticket1264
    • fixed bug that was causing the wrong flow to receive the right of way at priority junctions. ticket1689
  • MESO
    • fixed crash when updating vehicle routes while running with --meso-junction-control. see ticket1502
    • fixed angle and position of vehicle ids in the GUI
    • fixed crashes when using various outputs. ticket1505
    • fixed bug leading to exaggerated emissions. ticket1504
    • vehicles are now drawn correctly on curving lanes. ticket758
    • vehicle size exaggeration now working. ticket1406
    • Fixed crash when using a vehicle parameter window while the vehicle disappears. ticket1534
    • Coloring by loaded edge weight now correctly reflects changes over time.
    • Edges/Lanes set to transparent (alpha = 0) are no longer drawn when zoomed out.
    • The view-settings dialog can no longer become hidden when switching between displays with a different resolution. ticket1512
    • Traffic-light show phase dialog no longer crashes when loading very long phases. ticket1451
    • fixed visualization of closed edges in rerouters
    • Lane coloring by inclination now correctly shows the direction. ticket1526
    • The checkbox Streets->'show rails' in the gui-settings dialog can now be used to toggle the visualization style of railways.
    • The edge width exaggeration factor is now properly saved to and loaded from a gui-settings-file.
    • fixed gui glitch when zooming with transparent lanes in view.
    • now drawing vehicles on transparent lanes.
    • Selecting the Center action from a popup-menu immediately centers the view on that object (instead of delaying until the next window update). ticket1593
    • when an error occurs during the initial route loading, reloading the simulation will now work after the user corrects the error in the input files. ticket1508
    • no longer building invalid routes when the connectivity among edges differs between vClasses. ticket303
    • fixed bug that caused unreasonable detours in pedestrian routes (also affected routing in the simulation). ticket1556
  • all routers
    • Unknown vehicle type in <flow> element can now be ignored with option --ignore-errors.
  • Tools
    • now sorts unmodified departure times correctly.
    • no longer creates disconnected routes. Also, trains will no longer be generated on inappropriate edges.
    • now sorts correctly when using option --big. ticket1603


  • Simulation
    • Pedestrians now have appropriate default values for length, minGap and width. These values can be changed by using a vType.
    • Improved realism of pedestrian dynamics on walkingareas when using model striping. Pedestrians at arbitrary angles now properly avoid each other.
    • Added option --pedestrian.striping.jamtime <TIME> to control behavior of jammed pedestrians. By default, pedestrians will now start squeezing through the jam after being stopped for that time. As a consequence, pedestrian scenarios now always terminate.
    • Added option --output-prefix <FILE> to automatically add a prefix to all output files. The special string TIME is replaced with the current time.
    • Rerouters can now set permitted vehicle classes on closed lanes, see ticket1518
    • A warning is now issued when a loaded network contains unsafe connections. ticket447
    • A new car-following class based on the original Krauß was added that that takes into account the maximum acceleration ability computed by PHEMlight
    • Pedestrian routing now also works on networks without pedestrian infrastructure (walkingareas). ticket1564
    • Added option --netstate-dump.precision <INT> to control the precision (number of digits after the dot) of vehicle positions and speeds when using option --netstate-dump.
    • Added vehicle class ship.
    • option --ignore-route-errors now also handles errors which prevent the vehicle from being inserted into the network. {{Ticket|1661}
    • Added option --device.rerouting.output <FILE> to export the travel times which are used for dynamic rerouting during every adaptation interval. ticket1663
    • Can now color and scale lanes by average speed and by by average relative speed (relative to the speed limit).
    • Added option for drawing the path across the current walkingarea to the person popup menu.
    • Can now color pedestrians randomly.
    • When drawing persons as triangles, the direction they are facing is now indicated (it was ambiguous for equilateral triangles).
    • The lane menu now shows the height under the cursor as well as the offset (pos).
    • Can now color lanes by height at segment start and by by inclination at segment start. This allows investigating the 3D-geometry in detail.
    • Added param show-detectors that allows showing detectors of actuated traffic lights in the GUI.
    • When drawing streets with exaggerated width, the edge in one direction no longer overlaps with the opposite direction. ticket1540
    • Now setting window title when loading config or net at application start.
    • Added menu for locating persons. ticket1276
    • The line information for a vehicle is now shown below the vehicle id and in the parameter dialog. ticket1563
    • The network parameter dialog now includes some statistics on the number of nodes and edges as well as the total road length. ticket1367
    • Added guiShape ship.
    • Now drawing waterways (lanes with allow="ship") in a distinct style.
    • Added menu option for loading an additional-file with shapes.
    • Improved gui shapes for two-wheeled vehicles.
    • Markings for bike lanes are now drawn at road intersections (bike lanes are lanes which only allow vClass bicycle).
    • Added options for saving the current viewport and simulation delay along with the current visualisation settings. ticket1625
    • read heightmaps from GeoTIFFs for instance SRTM data ticket1495
    • when adding sidewalks via typemap or --sidewalks.guess, permissions on all other lanes are now automatically set to disallow pedestrians. ticket1507
    • sidewalks can now be added for specific edges by adding the attribute sidewalkWidth="<width_in_m>" to <edge>-elements in .edg.xml-files. This automatically remaps any existing connections. ticket1580
    • when using pedestrian crossings and green verges (lanes which disallow all vClasses), the crossing now starts at the side of the ride instead of the green verge. ticket1583
    • Added option --sidewalks.guess.from-permissions <BOOL>. This adds sidewalks for edges that allow pedestrians on any of their lanes regardless of speed. ticket1588
    • Can now import waterways from OSM (needs a custom type-map).
    • The junction size can now be customized using the new <node>-attribute radius. ticket1605
    • Added option --junctions.corner-detail <INT> which can be used to generate rounded intersection corners. ticket1606
    • user-defined shapes for internal lanes, crossings and walkingareas are now supported via the new customShape-element in .con.xml files. ticket1607
    • right-turning road vehicles will now wait within the intersection when yielding to straight-going bicycles. ticket1255
    • can now generate networks with unregulated intersections. ticket1558
    • added option --output.plain-geo <BOOL> for writing POIs and polygons with geo-coordinates. ticket1608
    • can now visualize railways the same way as SUMO-GUI. ticket1542
    • can now disable drawing of junction shapes via gui-settings.
    • can now load all types of shapes from the menu.
    • can now undo/redo bulk selection/deselection of objects. ticket1614
    • added option for auto-selecting an edges nodes.
    • can now modify the nodes of an edge via the attribute dialog. ticket1662
    • the attribute panel is now updated on undo/redo/recompute. ticket696
    • when creating a reverse edge with spread type center, the new edge is shifted sideways and given new endpoints.
    • can now move the view in 'Create Edge'-mode by holding <CTRL>
  • Tools
    • now supports sorting persons and also copies additional elements (such as vType to the output).
    • can now handle nested stops in a vehicle definition.
    • added for computing statistics on route length.
    • added option --orig-ids <BOOL> for keeping the original vehicle IDs instead of a running index. For some output formats such as NS2 this only works if the vehicle IDs are numeric to begin with.
    • now preserves vType elements.
    • now starts with 'real world' gui settings and initial delay of 20. Also, the trip generation settings have been tweaked for realism (i.e. shorter pedestrian trips, longer train troutes)


  • Documentation
    • Added overview on Randomness in the Simulation
    • Added overview on Vehicle speeds
    • The feature for passing arbitrary sumo options to is now meantioned when calling --help.
    • The attribute endOffset which can be used to move the stop line when defining networks is now documented. It has been available since version 0.13.0.
    • Documented recommended options when importing OSM networks
    • Documented TraCI retrieval of waiting time for vehicles, persons, edges and lanes
  • TraCI
    • consolidated the message IDs for ArealDetectors
    • TraCI version is now 9
  • Miscellaneous
    • NETCONVERT option --map-output was removed since it was neither working nor deemed useful enough to repair it.
    • added warning about invalid geo-coordinates in netconvert and polyconvert input

Version 0.22.0 (11.11.2014)


  • Simulation
    • Vehicles with departspeed="max" now properly adapt their speed to vehicles ahead at insertion. This results in higher flows.
    • Teleporting vehicles will only be inserted if they fit fully onto the destination lane.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies in E3-Detector output (see E3 Further_Notes).
    • Flows using attribute probability now correctly terminate when attribute end is given.
    • Fixed several bugs for traffic lights of type actuated.
    • Pedestrians using the model striping now always respect attribute arrivalPos
    • Fixed crash when computing pedestrians positions on short walkingAreas.
    • Fixed crash when using car following model <carFollowing-IDM/>
    • Fixed bug that was causing collisions at intersections.
    • Fixed bug that was causing collisions due to unsafe lane-changing decisions.
    • Fixed bug that was causing collisions due to unsafe insertion.
    • Fixed bug that was causing collisions due to unsafe re-insertion after teleporting.
    • Fixed bug that was causing silent collisions between vehicles on different edges. Previously this type of collision was not reported but visible in the gui.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes lead to inferior lane-change decisions in networks with vehicle class restrictions.
    • Fixed bugs that sometimes prevented vehicles from being inserted at the earliest opportunity.
    • Fixed bug that prevented vehicles from being inserted when their departSpeed was close to their maximumSpeed and using car following model <carFollowing-IDM/>.
    • Fixed bug that was causing unnecessary lane changes leading to oscillations.
    • Fixed bug that was degrading the cooperation between vehicles during lane changing.
    • Flows now always insert at least 1 vehicle for any positive repetition period (if the simulation time reaches the begin-time).
    • Fixed position caching which caused wrong positions and angles after lane changes ticket143
    • Fixed bluetooth reentry see ticket1455
    • Fixed the usage of different random number generators for route file parsing and vehicle movement
    • Fixed rerouting close to junctions
    • Single-stepping the simulation with hotkey (Ctrl-D) is now working as smoothly as intended.
    • Changing simulation delay via mousewheel now works when the pointer is on top of the dial.
    • Vehicle coloring by acceleration, by time gap and by offset from best lane now correctly visualize negative values
    • Persons which are waiting or riding in a a vehicle now face the correct direction.
    • Fixed crash related to parking vehicles.
    • Corrected angle of parking vehicles.
    • Fixed bug where train carriages were drawn incorrectly.
    • The drawing size of laneAreaDetectors can now be scaled properly.
    • Street-sign-output now references the correct xsd file.
    • warnings are emitted if no proj support is available and projection is needed
    • Fixed crash when using options --repair and --ignore-errors.
    • Fixed crash when using option --remove-loops.
    • When using option --remove-loops the non-looping parts of the route are now kept unchanged as intended.
    • Progress indicator is now only shown if the --end option is used.
    • Fixed crash when loading <flow> with attribute probability.
  • TraCI
    • Fixed crash when retrieving vehicle variable best lanes (id 0xb2) while the vehicle is on an internal lane.
    • The command induction loop value (last step vehicle data Command_0x17)) now returns the value -1 for the leaveTime of a vehicle which has not yet left the detector (instead of returning the current time step as before).
    • Fixing connection retries in the python client
  • Misc
    • Fixed includes to speed up compilation


  • Simulation
    • Whenever rerouting vehicles, a new route is only recorded when it differs from the previous route.
    • tripinfo-output now includes attribute timeLoss which holds the time loss compared to the maximum driving speed.
    • Added option --tripinfo-output.write-unfinished <BOOL>. When this is set, tripinfo output will additionally be written for all vehicles that did not arrive at the end of the simulation.
    • Vehicles with the attribute departLane="free" now consider the free space on all candidate lanes instead of the number of vehicles. This results in higher flow.
    • Added a new departLane-value named departLane="first" where vehicles are inserted on the rightmost lane they are allowed to use; this is the new default insertion lane
    • Now supports parallel routing by using the option --device.rerouting.threads <INT>
    • Added new routing algorithms 'astar' and 'CH' which are faster than the default 'dijkstra' algorithm.
    • flow elements with attributes from and to can now be loaded directly in the simulation and will automatically be routed according to the current traveltimes at begin.
    • Invalid stops now generate better error messages, see ticket1458
    • Added option --vehroute-output.intended-depart <BOOL>. This allows to generate vehicle route files which reproduce the original behavior when using one shot routing. ticket1429
    • Now appending .xml suffix when saving viewport, view settings or decals
    • Added lane coloring by loaded weights. This colors by whatever attribute was set with option --weight-attribute <STRING>. The weight value is also shown in the parameter dialog.
    • Added lane coloring by priority. This uses the edge priorities used during network creation. The priority value is also shown in the parameter dialog.
    • Added junction coloring by type.
    • Added visualization options for drawing vehicles, persons, POIs, polygons and additional gui objects with constant size when zooming out.
    • The dialog for changing visualization settings is now resizable and will remember its size across application runs. All settings are now scrollable to allow work on smaller screens.
    • The attributes which can be used to customize lane colors can now also be used to scale their width. This is done in the view customization dialog unter 'Streets' -> 'Scale width'. See [1].
    • Vehicle coloring by time since lane change' now indicates the direction of the change by its color
    • Added new link state 'u' to encode red-yellow phase (shown as orange). Vehicles behave as if 'r' (red) was set. This linkstate may be used to indicates upcoming green phase according to RiLSA.
    • Lane coloring by speed now uses more colors (the same as vehicle coloring by speed).
    • Roundabouts can now be specified via plain-xml input. They are also written to the .edg.xml-file when using option --plain-output-prefix.
    • Now supports parallel routing by using the option --routing-threads <INT>
    • Added new routing algorithms 'astar' and 'CH' which are faster than the default 'dijkstra' algorithm.
    • Routes which loop back on themselves are no longer genereated by default (can be enabled using option --allow-loops).
  • TraCI
    • added method vehicle.setSpeedMode() to the python API (command 0x3b)).
    • added method areal.getLastVehicleIDs() to the python API (Command_0x12)).
    • added argument extended to method lane.getLinks() in the python API (default False). If it is set to True, the method returns all the information defined for (Command_0x33)) instead of a subset.
  • Tools
    • Added option --weights-output-prefix <STRING> to generate weight files which can be used to visualize the edge probabilities for being source/destination/via in SUMO-GUI.
    • Added option --weights-prefix <STRING> which allows loading edge probabilities for being source/destination/via. The file format is the same as for option --weights-output-prefix <STRING> with missing edges defaulting to probability 0 and missing files defaulting to normal randomization.
    • Added option --zip to zip old iteration outputs using 7-zip
    • Added script for "three-click" scenario generation (thanks to Jakob Stigloher)
    • Added new router which reads trips and writes routes by computing a macroscopic user assignment.


  • Web presence moved to (wiki at, trac at
    • Now issuing warnings about repaired routes.
  • Misc
    • The version string for each application now includes the flag 'D' for the debug-build and flag 'I' for the internal build
    • The script moved from <SUMO_HOME>/tools/bin to <SUMO_HOME>/tools
    • unittest compilation is automatically enabled when gtest is found (Linux only)

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