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  • Simulation
    • Attribute via is now used when routing trips and flows within the simulation. ticket1272
    • Vehicles stopping at a <stop> now reach the exact location when using sub-second step-lengths. ticket1224
    • Vehicles are no longer considered stopped at a <stop> while still driving with high speed. ticket1864
    • Scheduled stops no longer count towards waitSteps and timeLoss in tripinfo-output. ticket2311
    • Fixed bug where vehicles would not depart from a triggered stop ticket2339
  • MESO
    • The jam-front back-propagation speed now reaches realistic values (it was illogically low before). Note that default value of option --meso-taujj changes as well as it's semantics. ticket2244
    • Fixed bug where the simulation would not terminate when using calibrators. ticket2346
    • Option is now working when loading a .net.xml file. ticket2280
    • Fixed bugs when importing cycleways from OSM. ticket2324
    • Fixed crash when trying to set an empty string as edge length or edge width. ticket2322
    • Trips and flows that use attribute via to loop over the destination edge more than once are now working. ticket2271


  • Simulation
    • Lane-changing models can now be configured with additional vType parameters. There exists one parameter for each of the lane-changing motivations strategic,cooperative,speedGain and keepRight which can be used to increase or reduce that type of lane changing. ticket1136
    • Added new option --collision.action <STRING> for configuring the action to take on vehicle collision. Allowed actions are none,warn,teleport and remove. The default is teleport which moves the rear vehicle involved in a collision onto a subsequent lane (as before).
    • Added new option --collision.check-junctions <BOOL> to enable geometrical collision checking on junctions. By default this option is set to false and collisions between non-consecutive lanes are ignored as before. This option may slow down the simulation. ticket984
    • ChargingStations can now be used to declare vehicle stops. ticket2248
    • the vehicle route output now includes optional vehicle parameters as param entries
  • MESO
    • The option --meso-jam-threshold <FLOAT> now gives additional freedom when configuring a speed dependent jam-threshold. When an value below 0 is given the absolute value is taking as a factor for the minimum unjammed speed. Thus, negative values closer to 0 result in less jamming. The default value remains at -1 and results in the original behaviour (values above 0 set the occupancy fraction threshold independent of edge speed as before).
    • The number of running vehicles, persons and used edges is now shown in the status bar. This display also acts as a button for opening the network parameter dialog. ticket1943
    • Charging stations are now shown in a different color when active.
    • Persons are now more visible when selecting Draw with constant size when zoomed out.
    • Can now color edge segments (mesoscopic vehicle queues) individually by various traffic measures. ticket2243
    • Added option default.lanewidth <FLOAT> for setting the default width of lanes (also applies to NETGENERATE).
    • Added option numerical-ids <BOOL> for forcing all node and edge IDs to be integers (also applies to NETGENERATE). ticket1724
    • Added option grid.alphanumerical-ids <BOOL> for using a chess-like intersection naming scheme (A1, B3, etc).
  • TraCI
    • Added vehicle command next TLS to retrieve upcoming traffic lights along a vehicles route. ticket1760
    • The vehicle command move to XY (formerly move to VTD) now supports an additional flag which selects whether the original route shall be kept or the route may change. ticket2033
    • The vehicle command move to XY now allows moving vehicles that are still in the insertion buffer.
    • Added functions vehicle.add, vehicle.remove and vehicle.moveToXY to the C++ TraCI API client
    • Added object variable subscriptions and context subscriptions to the C++ TraCI-library (subscribe, getSubscriptionResults, subscribeContext, getContextSubscriptionResults). Thanks to Erik Newton for the patch.


    • Network version is now 0.27.0

Version 0.26.0 (19.04.2016)


    • Fixed bug that was causing slightly exaggerated exit times to be shown when activating Show Link Items from the vehicle context menu. ticket2022
    • Fixed flickering brake lights due to small random decelerations. ticket2177
    • Areal detectors can now be hidden by setting their size exaggeration to 0.
    • Fixed invalid occupancy value for lane area detectors (was exaggerated by a factor of 100). ticket2217
    • Fixed crashing related to showing and tracking parameters of arrived vehicles. ticket2226,ticket2227
    • Fixed glitch when drawing rail carriages on edges with customized length. ticket2192
    • Fixed coordinate update without mouse movement. ticket2076
    • Fixed time display switch in initial view. ticket2069
  • MESO
    • Fixed bug that broke --meso-multi-queue behavior (regression in 0.25.0). ticket2150
    • vClass-specific speed limits are now used. ticket2205
    • tripinfo-output now contains valid timeLoss values. ticket2204
    • Fixed invalid travel time computation during simulation routing (was averaging segments instead of vehicles).
    • Fixed bug that made it impossible to modify numerical attributes (lane numbers, phase duration etc.) on some computers. ticket1966
    • Fixed error when modifying signal plans for joined traffic lights. ticket2185
    • Fixed invalid edge length attribute when inspecting networks without internal links. ticket2210
    • Fixed bug where junctions with uncommon shapes could not be selected.
    • Fixed bug that was causing unsafe internal junctions to be built. ticket2086, ticket2097
    • Fixed bug that was causing z-information to become corrupted. Thanks to Mirco Sturari for the patch.
    • Fixed bug where pedestrians never got the green light when loading a .net.xml file and adding pedestrian crossings.
    • Fixed bug where pedestrian walkingarea edges were missing. (This could cause invalid routes to be generated). ticket2060
    • Multiple connections from the same edge to the same target lane can now be set in post-processing (i.e. after removal of geometry-like nodes). ticket2066
    • Option --tls.guess-signals now respects option --tls.unset. ticket2093
    • Fixed invalid traffic light plans for networks with pedestrian crossings. ticket2095
    • Loading custom traffic light plans now correctly affects the building of internal junctions. ticket2098
    • Several fixes in regard to OpenDrive networks:
      • Added missing contactPoint attribute when writing OpenDrive networks.
      • Fixed geometry of lanes within intersections when writing OpenDrive networks.
      • Fixed geometry of lanes when importing imprecise OpenDrive networks ticket2085.
    • Option --street-sign-output now writes xsd-conforming output.
    • Fixed bugs that were causing invalid TLS plans to be generated for joined traffic lights. ticket2106, ticket2107
    • Fixed crash when importing OSM networks related to self-looping edges. ticket2135
    • Fixed bug that was causing invalid junction shapes and extremely large network boundaries. ticket2141
    • Fixed crashing (on Windows) and invalid traffic lights (Linux) when loading a .net.xml file and adding splits. ticket2147
    • Fixed invalid connections at edges with vClass-exclusive lanes. ticket2157, ticket2158
    • Fixed invalid traffic light plans for node type traffic_light_right_on_red. ticket2162
    • Fixed unsafe junction logic when using custom tls plans with node type traffic_light_right_on_red. ticket2163
    • Connections from lanes that are added during ramp guessing can now be specified. ticket2175
    • User-defined connections are no longer discarded at guessed ramps. ticket2196
    • Fixed error when guessing overlapping off-ramps. ticket2213
    • Fixed error when computing edge shapes with unusual input geometries. ticket2218
  • TraCI
    • Multiple fixes to the C++ TraCI library
      • commands gui.setScheme, gui.getScheme, inductionloop.getVehicleData
      • various set-commands were not consuming all result bytes and thus corrupted the message stream. Thanks to Alexander Weidinger for the patch. ticket2007
    • Fixes to TraaS functions Simulation_getDistance2D and Simulation_getDistanceRoad. ticket2127
    • Fixed crash when using vehicle command move to VTD. ticket2129
    • vehicle command move to VTD can now position vehicles on internal lanes. ticket2130
    • Commands that return the road distance no longer return an exaggerated value in networks without internal links (distances across intersections were counted twice).
    • vehicle command distance now takes the depart position into account (was using 0 before). ticket2203


    • Adjusted zooming distance when centering on simulation objects to make objects easier to find. ticket2146
    • Added option --waiting-time-memory <TIME> for tracking accumulated waiting time of vehicles. The accumulated waiting time (seconds of waiting time within the configured interval, default 100s) can be inspected in the vehicle's parameter window and the vehicles can be colored according to this value. ticket999
    • Lanes can now be colored by routing device assumed speed. This is an exponential moving average of mean travel speeds used for dynamic rerouting. ticket2189
  • MESO
    • Added option --meso-tls-penalty <FLOAT> as an alternative way to model the delay effects of traffic lights. When this option is set to a positive value, the expected delay time for each controlled link (based on red duration and cycle duration) is added to the travel time, multiplied with the <FLOAT> argument. By calibrating the parameter, the quality of TLS coordination can be modeled. ticket2199
    • Coloring vehicles by depart delay is now working. Added depart delay to the vehicle parameter dialog.
    • Added event time, entry time and block time to the vehicle parameter dialog. These values record when a vehicle leaves, entered and was blocked on an edge segment.
    • Added default typemaps similar to netconvert. ticket1853
    • Added person trips and IntermodalRouting
    • When a flow has a stop definition with attribute until, the time is shifted for each successive vehicle in the flow. ticket1514
    • Added bulk routing and better OD cell handling for speed improvements. ticket2167
  • TraCI
    • The python client is now thread safe when using multiple connections in parallel. Each opened connection returns an independent TraCI instance. ticket2091
    • Added support for vehicle commands to the C++ TraCI library Thanks to Alexander Weidinger for the patch. ticket2008
    • Added new TraaS commands Edge.getLastStepPersonIDs, Person.getNextEdge, Vehicle.getRouteIndex, Vehicle.getStopState, Vehicle.isStopped and some more stop-related vehicle commands.
    • The angle argument of vehicle command move to VTD now overrides the vehicle angle for drawing and fcd-output. ticket2131
    • Added new simulation command save state 0x95 for saving the current simulation state. ticket2191
  • Tools
    • now handles controlled edges within a joined traffic light definition automatically.
    • Added option --ignore-connections to This can be used to compute all components in the node graph without considering lane-to-lane connections.
    • Added option --symmetrical to (previously undocumented tool). This can improve opposite-finding in conjunction with option --radius.
    • Added option --geo to This can be used to visualize routes from one network within another network.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Visual Studio project files have been updated MSVC12. While it is still possible to build SUMO with MSVC10, this support may be dropped in the future in favor of C++11.
  • Simulation
    • When saving simulation state as XML, lane elements now contain their id for easier inspection.
    • The departPos values maxSpeedGap, pwagSimple and pwagGeneric were removed since they never worked as intended.
    • Option lanechange.allow-swap is now deprecated.
    • Vehicle type parameters were moved to a separate dialog box (Show Type Parameter). ticket2133
  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 11.

Version 0.25.0 (07.12.2015)


  • Simulation
    • Fixed crashing and deadlocks when performing routing in the simulation based on districts. ticket1938
    • Fixed bug that was hindering lane-changes due to invalid cooperative speed adaptations. ticket1971
    • Fixed bug that was causing erratic lane changes when using subsecond simulation. ticket1440
    • Fixed bug that was causing erratic lane changes in front of intersections. ticket1856
    • Fixed right-of-way in regard to vehicles that were driving across the same intersection twice. ticket2023
    • Vehicles waiting to enter a roundabout no longer yield to other vehicles outside the roundabout. ticket1847
    • Pedestrians no longer walk past their specified arrival position. ticket1780
    • Fixed asymmetrical pedestrian behavior when walking to a busStop. Now they always walk to the middle of the busstop rather than to its endPos. ticket1562
    • Fixing crash when selecting Show all routes from the vehicle menu.
    • When loading a gui-settings-file from the View Settings dialog, the delay value is now correctly applied.
    • Fix bug that caused giant circles to appear when exaggerating the width of lanes with short geometry segments.
    • Vehicle names are now drawn for vehicles that occupy multiple edges. ticket1960
    • Fixed drawing of link indices, link rules, lane markings and bus stops for left-hand networks.
    • Fixed error when reloading a network with <param>-elements. ticket1979
    • Fixed missing connections in multi-modal networks. ticket1865
    • Fixed bug that caused invalid pedestrian crossings to be generated after importing a .net.xml file. ticket1907
    • Fixed bug that caused pedestrian crossings to change their priority when importing a .net.xml file. ticket1905
    • Fixed geometry bug when building pedestrian crossings and walkingareas for left-hand networks.
    • Fixed invalid network after deleting edges at a joined traffic light with controlled pedestrian crossing. ticket1902
    • Motorway ramps are no longer guessed if the lane permissions indicate that the edge is not a motorway. ticket1894
    • Motorway ramps are no longer guessed at roundabouts. ticket1890
    • Fixed some cases when roads where invalidly guessed to be roundabouts. ticket1933
    • When importing a .net.xml file the resulting network is no longer modified due to automatic joining of edges that connect the same nodes. ticket1930
    • When importing a .net.xml file with pedestrian crossings and setting option --no-internal-links, the crossings and walkingareas are removed from the resulting network. ticket1730
    • Several fixes in regard to OpenDrive networks:
    • Fixed crash when specifying inconsistent tllogic input. ticket2010
    • When patching an existing network with .nod.xml file, existing traffic light programs are now preserved unless changes are specified explicitly.
    • No longer patching loaded traffic light programs for new crossings if they already have the correct state size.
    • When importing a .net.xml which was built for left-hand traffic, the resulting network will also be built for left-hand traffic. ticket1880
    • When importing a .net.xml, generated networks will retain the same value of --junctions.corner-detail) as the input network. ticket1897
    • Fixed invalid geo-referencing in left-hand networks. ticket2020
    • Traffic lights that control multiple intersections no longer create unsafe right-of-way rules. The edges that lie within the traffic light are now controlled according to the appropriate right of way (This does not necessarily model physical traffic signals but reflects the behavior of drivers). ticket812
      • Old signal plans for these joined traffic lights no longer work for new networks since more link states need to be defined. The option --tls.uncontrolled-within <BOOL> was added to build networks that are compatible with old-style signal plans. Note, that this may create unsafe intersections, causing collisions.
    • When renaming an edge, the lane IDs are now updated as well. ticket1867
    • Fractional widths can now be set when inspecting edges.
    • Modifying traffic light plans which control multiple nodes is now working. ticket2009
    • Fixed invalid error when compiled without the FOX library. ticket1956
    • Loading of edge-scaling schemes from a gui-settings-file is now working.
    • The front of each vehicle queue is now drawn at the start of its segment.
  • Tools
    • no longer fails when encountering path names with space-charactes in them.
    • no longer nests output directories when generating multiple scenarios.


  • Simulation
    • Vehicle types now have vClass="passenger" by default. Earlier, the default was ignoring which would let the vehicles drive along footpaths and railways.
    • Zipper merging is now supported (see Netconvert enhancement below). ticket1292
    • Added person statistics to verbose output. ticket1898
    • Now warning about jammed pedestrians.
    • Now warning about pedestrians "collisions".
    • Now warning about traffic lights where one link never gets a green light.
    • It is now possible to modify the offset of an existing tls program without loading a completely new tlLogic-definition. ticket1940
    • Added option --duration-log.statistics <BOOL> which causes average vehicle trip data to be printed in verbose mode (average route length, travel time and time loss, ...) for quick evaluation of a scenario. ticket1911
    • The option --max-num-vehicles <INT> can now be used to maintain a constant number of vehicles in the network. Vehicle insertions are delayed whenever this number would be exceeded. Previously this option would terminate the simulation when the number was exceeded. To avoid a large number of delayed vehicles it is recommended to use the option --max-depart-delay <TIME>. ticket1958
    • Traffic detectors which are generated for actuated traffic lights now support additional parameters to allow writing output files the same way as regular detectors. ticket1839
    • Angles in simulation output and TraCI results now conform to Navigational Standards with 0 pointing towards the North and 90 pointing due East. ticket1372
    • Persons can now be tracked by selecting Start Tracking from the context menu. ticket1779
    • The current route of pedestrians can now be shown by selecting Show Current Route from the context menu. ticket1906
    • Error messages can now by clicked for jumping to the referenced simulation object (i.e. a teleporting vehicle). ticket900
    • Added person statistics to network parameter dialog. ticket1898
    • Added new menu option Edit->Open in Netedit for opening the current network (at the current location) in NETEDIT.
    • Added new option Copy edge name to clipboard to the lane popup-menu.
    • Added new options Close edge and Close lane to the lane popup-menu. This will force vehicles (with an assigned vClass) to wait until the corresponding lanes have been reopened (also via popup-menu).
    • Added new option Add rerouter to the lane popup-menu. This will make vehicles recompute their route when entering that edge.
    • The size and color of link indices can now be customized (old gui settings files may have to be updated).
    • Average trip data (for completed vehicle trips) is now available in the network parameter dialogue when running with option --duration-log.statistics.
    • Added new junction visualization option draw crossings/walkingareas. ticket1899
    • Vehicles can now be colored by depart delay (the differences between desired and actual depart time). Depart delay was also added to the vehicle parameter dialog. ticket1970
    • Junction shapes are no longer drawn when their color is set to fully transparent.
    • The network version is now shown the the network parameter dialog.
    • Zipper merging is now supported via the new node type zipper. ticket1292
    • Right-turn-on-red is now supported via the new node type traffic_light_right_on_red. ticket1287
    • Importing .inpx VISSIM networks is now supported. Thanks to the AIT for their contribution.
    • The positioning and presence of internal junctions can now be customized with the new connection attribute contPos. ticket2016
    • The maximum number of connections per junction was raised from 64 to 256.
    • Added options --geometry.remove.keep-edges.explicit <STRING> and --geometry.remove.keep-edges.input-file <FILE> to exclude edges from being modified when using option --geometry.remove. ticket1929
    • When specifying multiple connections from the same edge to the same target lane, safe right-of-way rules are now established among the conflicting connections. ticket1859
    • Added options --tls.cycle.time <TIME> to ensure that heuristically generated traffic light plans have a fixed cycle length. The new default is 90 (s) which will have no effect on most 4-arm intersections but will cause different timings for controlled 3-arm intersections and other types. ticket1942
    • Added options --edges.join <BOOL> to select whether edges that connect the same nodes (and have similar geometry) shall be joined into an edge with multiple lanes. The new default is false (before, this heuristic was always active). ticket1930
    • Street names are now imported form OpenDrive.
    • Now including sumo edge-ids in OpenDrive export if option --output.original-names is given (as <userData sumoId="sumo_edge_id"/>).
    • Now using more lane types in OpenDrive export.
    • Added option --default.junctions.radius <FLOAT> for setting the default radius of nodes. ticket1987
    • Added option --tls.left-green.time <TIME> to configure the default duration for the dedicated left-turn phase. A value of 0 disables building this phase. ticket1949
    • Added option --sidewalks.guess.exclude <STRING> to prevent guessing a sidewalk for the given list of edges.
    • Added option --junctions.internal-link-detail <INT> for setting the number of geometry points for lanes within intersections (Before, this was hard-coded as 5). ticket1988
    • Added option --crossings.guess.speed-threshold <FLOAT>. This allows setting the speed threshold above which crossings will not be generated at uncontrolled nodes (before this was hard-coded to 13.89m/s). ticket1819
    • Added option --fill <BOOL> to control whether polygons are filled by default or not. ticket1858
    • Added option --shapefile.fill <STRING> to override the fill state when importing shapefiles. Allowed values are [auto|true|false].
    • It is now possible to select individual vehicles, to examine their parameters, track them and show their route just like for SUMO-GUI. ticket1932
    • Vehicles can now be located as in SUMO-GUI. ticket1487
  • Tools
    • now supports exporting traces of persons when using the new option --persons <BOOL>.
    • Added option --ignore-gaps <BOOL> for When this is set vehicles will not be destroyed until the end of the fcd-file even when disappearing for a few simulation steps..
    • The import script is now more robust in finding a suitable output directory and recovering from errors.
    • Added new tool which coordinates traffic lights in a network for a given traffic demand in order to create green waves for many vehicles.
    • Connection objects from networks parsed via Sumolib can now return getTLLinkIndex as well as getJunctionIndex. ticket2048


    • Network version is now 0.25. New features that justify the version change are:
      • New linkstate Z and junction type zipper for zipper merging.
      • New junction type traffic_light_right_on_red. To accommodate this type of junction, linkstate 's' (stop) is now allowed in traffic light plans.
      • Multiple connections to the same lane do not result in a warning any more. (The conflict is resolved using zipper merging or priority right of way)
      • New network attributes lefthand, junctionCornerDetail and junctionLinkDetail
      • Note, that the network version should have been updated in 0.23.0 due to the introduction of ships but this was forgotten.
    • The visualization options Show internal edge name and Show crossing and walkingarea name were moved from the Streets-tab to the Junctions-tab.
  • Tools
  • Misc
    • start-commandline-bat now adds python (python 2.7 in it's default install location) and <SUMO_HOME>/tools to the path.
    • Simplified runner script of Tutorials/TraCI4Traffic_Lights

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