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  • Simulation
    • Lane changing to clear the overtaking lane (motivation keepRight) is now working properly in sub-second simulation. ticket3106
    • Lane changing to clear the overtaking lane is now working in the sublane-model. ticket3106
    • Fixed error that prevented lane changing in the sublane-model. ticket3107
    • Fixed error that prevented violating right-of-way rules in the sublane-model. ticket3140
    • Calibrators now respect the option --ignore-route-errors. ticket3089
    • departLane="allowed" no longer selects an invalid departLane on multimodal edge. ticket3065
    • Fixed behavior problems in regard to the rule that prohibits overtaking on the right under some circumstances (by default this is prohibited in free-flowing motoroway traffic). Vehicles now avoid overtaking whenever braking is possible and they overtake on the left instead if there is a third lane. ticket1214, ticket2547, ticket3115
    • Acquired waiting time of vehicles is now properly loaded from a simulation state. ticket2314
    • Fixed output of meso calibrator (regression in 0.30.0). ticket3132
    • Modified meanTimeLoss output of lane area (e2) detector. Semantics is now average time loss *per vehicle* ticket3110
    • Fixed visual glitch when drawing vehicles with multiple carriages as raster images. ticket3049
    • Fixed crash when reloading a simulation after editing the network. ticket3059
    • Fixed crash when using invalid routes in calibrator. ticket3060
    • The number of nodes listed in the network parameter dialog no longer includes internal nodes. ticket3118
  • Netconvert
    • Fixed insufficient precision of internal lane elevation in OpenDrive output.
    • --ptstop-output now exports stop lanes with the appropriate vClass. ticket3075
    • --ptstop-output now exports stop lanes in the correct road direction ticket3101
    • Fixed bug that was causing an error when patching a .net.xml file with a .tll.xml file along with other connection-affecting patches. ticket2868
  • Netedit
    • Fixed crash when trying to filter selection of additionals by ID (regression in 0.30.0). ticket3068
    • The z-Coordinate of junctions is now properly displayed again in inspect mode (regression in 0.30.00. ticket3134
    • The z-Coordinate of junctions is no longer reset to 0 when moving them with move mode. ticket3134
    • busStop and chargingStation elements with negative startPos or endPos can now be loaded.
    • Undo now restores the selection status of deleted additionals. ticket3073
    • Loading color schemes is now working (only schemes saved by Netedit are valid). ticket2936
    • Fixed bug that was causing intermodal routing failures in networks with sidewalks.ticket3119
    • Fixed invalid speedFactor output when specifying both speedFactor and speedDev in the input files. ticket3121
  • TraCI
    • After sending command traci.load() the simulation now keeps running until sending traci.close() instead of terminating when there are no more vehicles or the end time is reached. ticket3048
    • Vehicle state change retrieval (simulation.getDepartedIDList, simulation.getArrivedNumber, ...) are now working after sending command traci.load(). ticket3051
    • Vehicle commands getDistance and getDrivingDistance now return correct values when the vehicle the current vehicle edge or the target edge are junction-internal edges. ticket2321
  • Tools
    • now correctly handles junctions that had their radius or z attributes changed to the (unwritten) default value.


  • Simulation
    • Emergency vehicles (vClass="emergency") may always overtake on the right.
    • The default car following model can now be specified on the command line with --carfollow.model. ticket3142
    • TLS parameters can now be inspected. ticket3098
    • Calibrators can now be defined for specific lanes not just for the whole edge.
      To obtain the old behavior, calibrators must use the attribute edge. When using the attribute lane the new behavior is activated.
  • TraCI
    • Support for multiple clients. ticket3105
    • Added function vehicle.getAccumulatedWaitingTime to retrieve the waiting time collected over the interval --waiting-time-memory. ticket999


  • specifying the car following model as nested element in a vType is now deprecated
  • trips without ids are deprecated

Version 0.30.0 (02.05.2017)


  • Simulation
    • Random pedestrian decelerations (configured via option --pedestrian.striping.dawdling) are now working. ticket2851
    • Loading state-files with vehicles that stop at a <busStop> is now working. ticket2914
    • Fixed collisions when using the sublane model. ticket2295,ticket2924, ticket2154, ticket3005
    • Various fixes to lateral distance keeping in the sublane model.
    • Vehicles now longer drive beyond the road borders when using the sublane model. ticket2988
    • Fixed crash when loading saved stated with an arriving vehicle. ticket2938
    • Option --load-state.offset now properly applies to vehicles departing in the future that are part of the loaded state (i.e. due to having been loaded from an additional file before saving). This was a regression in version 0.29.0. ticket2949
    • Simulation behaviour is no longer affected by randomly equipping vehicles with devices that only generate outputs. ticket2977
    • vType-attribute laneChangeModel is no longer ignored (was silently replaced with "default", since version 0.28.0)
    • Fixed deadlock when setting vehicle attributes arrivalSpeed and arrivalPos both to 0. ticket2995
    • Fixed issue where a lane-change was blocked for invalid reasons causing deadlock. ticket2996
    • When using departLane="best", the look-ahead distance is now limited to 3000m for determining suitable insertion lanes. ticket2998
    • loading state now writes tls states correctly ticket1229
    • Various fixes to junction-shape computation. ticket2551, ticket2874, ticket1443
    • Ramp-guessing (option --ramps.guess) no longer identifies sharply turning roads as motorway ramps.
    • Fixed invalid right-of-way rules at junctions with type traffic_light_right_on_red when importing a net.xml file or editing with NETEDIT. ticket2976
    • Networks built with option --junctions.scurve-stretch now retain their shape when imported again. ticket2877
    • Networks imported from VISUM no longer round node positions to meters. ticket3001
    • Loading .tll files from a network that includes node types rail_crossing or rail_signal is now working. ticket2999
    • Fixed crash when applying a <split> to an edge within a roundabout. ticket2737
    • Fixed infinite loop when importing some OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2918
  • TraCI
    • Fixed mapping failures when calling moveToXY.
    • Vehicles that are moving outside the road network due to moveToXY calls now return the correct position and angle.
    • Function vehicle.getSpeedWithoutTraCI now correctly returns the current speed if the vehicle is not being influenced.
    • Fixed crash when adding and erasing persons in the same step. ticket3014
  • Tools
    • Restored Python3.0 compatibility for sumolib and traci (regression in 0.29.0)
    • carFollowing child-elements of vType element are now included in output. ticket2954
    • Fixed OSM Web Wizard problems with spaces in SUMO_HOME path. ticket2939
    • now writes two independent routes instead of one containing edges not contained in the reduced network. ticket3011


  • Simulation
    • vClass-specific speed limits can now be loaded from an additional-file. ticket2870
    • Refactored implementation of E2 detectors. These may now be defined to span over a sequence of lanes, XML-attribute cont is deprecated. ticket1491, ticket1877, ticket2773, ticket2871
    • Added traffic light type "delay_based" which implements an alternative algorithm to type "actuated".
    • Added option --time-to-impatience <TIME> which defines the waiting time until driver impatience grows from 0 to 1. Formerly this was tied to the value of --time-to-teleport. ticket2490
    • lanechange-output now includes the lateral gap to the closest neighbor. ticket2930
    • attribute speedFactor can use normal distributions with optional cutoff to define the distribution of vehicle speeds ticket2925
    • Traffic light related outputs have now consistent camelCase XML tags.
    • Added option collision.stoptime <TIME> which lets vehicles stop for a time after experiencing a collision before the action set via --collision.action takes place. ticket1102
    • Electric vehicles are now initialized with a maximum capacity of 35kWh and and a half full battery by default (before, the default was 0 which always made it necessary to define this).
    • --vehroute-output now includes additional vehicle attributes such as departLane and departSpeed to facilitate scenario replaying.
    • Increased maximum possible insertion flow when using departLane values free,allowed or best on multi-lane edges. ticket3000
    • Improvements to lateral-gap keeping when using the sublane model:
      • Vehicles now attempt to equalize left and right gaps if there is insuffient lateral space ticket2932
      • The semantics of attribute minGapLat where changed to define the desired gap at 50km/h and do not grow beyond that speed (before that threshold was at 100km/h)
      • Vehicles now ignore follower vehicles behind the midpoint of their own length in regard to lateral gap keeping.
    • Added option --max-num-teleports <INT> which can abort the simulation after a number of teleports is exceeded. ticket3003
    • Added option --chargingstations-output <FILE> which generates output for chargingStations. ticket2357
    • Added parameters minGapLat,maxSpeedLat,latAlignment,boardingDuration,loadingDuration,car follow model to the vType-parameter window.
    • Added parameter acceleration to the vehicle-parameter window.
    • Added option Show type parameter dialog to the person context menu. ticket2973
    • When running the simulation with option --duration-log.statistics, the average travel speed of completed trips is shown in the network parameter dialog.
    • For long-running simulations the time displays can now show elapsed days. ticket2889
    • Networks imported from DlrNavteq-format now process prohibited_manoeuvres and connected_lanes input files. ticket738
    • Edge types are now imported from a .net.xml file. ticket2508
    • Added option --opendrive.curve-resolution <FLOAT> for setting the level of detail when importing road geometries from parmeterized curves. ticket2686
    • Node shape computation (especially stop line position) can now be influenced by setting edge geometries that do not extend to the node position.
      • To deal with ambiguous stop line information in OpenDrive networks, the new option --opendrive.advance-stopline <FLOAT> may now now be used to affect the heuristic that computes stop line positioning based on the border between roads and connecting roads.
    • Bus stops can now be imported from OpenStreetMap using the new option --ptstop-output <FILE>. ticket2933
    • Lanes within a network that have no incoming connection and edges that have no outgong connections are now reported. ticket2997
    • Specific lanes can now be deleted via loaded .edg.xml files (to ensure that connections are kept as intended). ticket3009
  • TraCI
    • It is now possible to reload the simulation with new options by sending the load command.
    • Added vehicle.setMaxSpeed and vehicle.getMaxSpeed to the C++ client. Thanks to Raphael Riebl for the patch.
    • Added vehicle.changeTarget to the C++ client.
    • To allow vehicles to run a red light, speedmode 7 can now be used instead of 14. This is much safer as it avoids rear-end collisions.
    • Vehicles can now stop at a named ParkingArea or ChargingStation. The methods traci.vehicle.setParkingAreaStop, traci.vehicle.setChargingStationStop were added to the python client to simplify this. ticket2963
    • vehicle function moveToXY now supports the special angle value traci.constants.INVALID_DOUBLE_VALUE. If this is set, the angle will not be factored into the scoring of candidate lanes and the vehicle will assume the angle of the best found lane. For vehicles outside the road network, the angle will be computed from the old and new position. ticket2262
    • Vehicles now support retrieval of battery device parameters and retrieval of riding persons and containers as well as retrieval of laneChangeModel parameters using the vehicle.getParameter function.
    • Vehicles now support setting of battery device parameters and laneChangeModel parameters using the vehicle.setParameter function.
    • Added sublane-model related vehicle functions getLateralLanePosition, getMaxSpeedLat, getMinGapLat, getLateralAlignment, setMaxSpeedLat, setMinGapLat, setLateralAlignment, changeSublane. ticket2216, ticket2001
    • Added sublane-model related vehicletype functions getMaxSpeedLat, getMinGapLat, getLateralAlignment, setMaxSpeedLat, setMinGapLat, setLateralAlignment. ticket2216
    • Function edge.getLastStepPersonIDs now includes persons riding in a vehicle which are on that edge. ticket2865
    • The TraCI python client now supports StepListeners.
    • The lane-changing choices of the laneChange model can now be retrieved (with and without TraCI influence) using command change lane information 0x13.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Improved routing efficiency of SUMO,DUAROUTER and MAROUTER when using option --routing-algorithm astar .
  • Tools
    • now supports the option --flows <INT> to generate a number of random flows instead of individual vehicles.
    • now supports generating statistics on departure time by setting the option --attribute depart.
    • can now take arbitrary strings as index and has improved signal group handling, thanks to Harald Schaefer
    • more tools (including osmWebWizard) are python3 compatible


  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 15
    • some TraCI constants have been renamed
  • Miscellaneous
    • The compile-option --disable-internal-lanes was removed. Simulation without internal lanes is still possible using either the netconvert option --no-internal-links or the simulation option --no-internal-links
    • The compile-option --enable-memcheck and the corresponding nvwa package were removed. Checking for memory leaks should be done using the clang build or valgrind.

Version 0.29.0 (16.02.2017)


    • Fixed errors when exporting elevation data to OpenDRIVE. ticket2641
    • Fixed format conformity issues when exporting OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2673, ticket2674, ticket2682
    • Networks exported in the DlrNavteq format are now written with --numerical-ids by default.
    • Fixed crash when importing OpenDrive and using edge-removal options. ticket2685
    • Improved connection guessing at roads with a lane reduction.
    • Fixed crash when specifying a <split>-element for a roundabout-edge. ticket2737
    • The option --geometry.max-segment-length is now working when importing OSM data. ticket2779
    • Improved heuristic for option osm.layer-elevation to reduce unrealistic up-and-down geometries.
    • Fixed steep grades near intersections in networks with 3D-geometry. ticket2782
    • Geometry fixes for output in DlrNavteq format. ticket2785,ticket2786
    • Fixed crash when doing undo/redo connection changes at a newly created junction. ticket2662
    • Fixed slow operation when switching between move-mode and other modes in a large network.
    • Fixed slow operation when move junctions in large networks. ticket2699
    • Selecting objects by matching against attributes now works on windows. ticket2675
    • Fixed crash when setting custom geometry endpoinds. ticket2693
    • Fixed shortcuts ticket2694
    • Fixed crash when using option --numerical-ids.
    • Fixed visualization errors when using --offset.disable-normalizaton false
    • When adding sidewalks to selected lanes, pedestrians are now automatically forbidden on the other lanes. ticket2708
    • Fixed an inconsistency with the definition of SUMO Time in Inspector mode. ticket2625
    • Fixed bug that was causing interface lag when right-clicking in networks with detailed geometry.
    • Configuring the visualisation of generated induction loops for actuated traffic lights is now working. ticket2639
    • Fixed crash when coloring lanes by occupancy. ticket2850
  • MESO
    • when using option --meso-tls-penalty the maximum flow at controlled intersections is now scaled according to fraction of available green time. ticket2753
    • Fixed various issues related to inconsistent handling of net and gross time gaps. This was causing exaggerated speeds. The option --meso-taujf <TIME> now corresponds to the net time-gap (as do --meso-taufj, --meso-tauff). It's default value has been reduced from 2.0 to 1.73 correspondingly (reproducing the old behavior at 100km/h).
    • Fixed invalid coloring of the gap between lanes. ticket1428
    • The default vehicle class is now passenger (as in the simulation). Note, that non-passenger classes such as trains now need an explicit type definition to be able to use rail edges. ticket2829
    • The last vehicle from a flow is no longer missing if the flow duration is not a multiple of the period parameter. ticket2864
    • Various fixes to intermodal routing functionality. ticket2852,ticket2857
  • TraCI
    • Fixed crash when trying to reroute vehicles before their departure.
    • Fixed inefficiency when calling vehicle.rerouteTravelTime() multiple times per simulation step (edge weights are now updated at most once per step).
    • Various fixes to vehicle.moveToXY mapping behavior.
    • unsubscribing now works in the python client. ticket2704
    • The C++ client now properly closes the simulation when calling close()
    • Subscriptions to 2D-Positions are now working in the C++ client
    • Deleting vehicles that have not yet departed is now working. ticket2803
    • Brake lights and blinkers can now be set for the current simulation step. ticket2804
    • Vehicle function move to XY now works for edges with custom length. ticket2809
    • Vehicle function move to XY now actually uses the 'edgeID' and 'lane index' parameters to resolve ambiguities. It uses the 'origID' parameter if set and the lane id otherwise.
    • Function edge.adaptTravelTime(begin=... end=...) is now working as expected with times in seconds. ticket2808
  • Tools
    • now correctly handles changes to spreadType and other optional attributes. ticket2722
    • now returns consistent values for edge.getShape(): the center-line of all lanes. Previously, the raw edge shape used in netconvert was returned.
    • now works correctly when giving the options --via, --validate at the same time. ticket2821


    • Added new option --window-pos <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window placement.
    • Added new button to the object locator dialog that allows toggling selection status. ticket2687
    • Parking vehicles are now listed in the vehicle locator dialog. This can be disabled using a new menu option. Teleporting vehicles can optionally be listed as well ticket2750
    • Vehicles can now be colored by time loss (accumulated over the whole route). The time loss is also shown in the vehicle parameter dialog.
  • MESO
    • Added new option --meso-minor-penalty <TIME> for applying a time penalty when passing a minor link. This may be used to model slow down on approach or even intersection delays when running without --meso-junction-control. ticket2640
    • When using the option --meso-tls-penalty <FLOAT> to model mesoscopic traffic lights, the maximum capacity of edges is now reduced according to the proportion of green-time and cycle time at controlled intersection. ticket2753
    • The number of queues for the current segment is now shown in the edge parameter dialog
    • The latest headway for the current segment is now shown in the edge parameter dialog
    • Pedestrian rail crossings are now working. ticket2654
    • Added new option --geometry.check-overlap <FLOAT> for finding edges with overlapping lanes. This is typically a sign of faulty inputs. The accompanying option --geometry.check-overlap.vertical-threshold <FLOAT> filters out edges that are separated vertically by at least the given value (default 4.0). ticket2648
    • The options --keep-edges.explicit, --keep-edges.input-file now allow for white-listing in combination with other removal options (edges are kept if listed explicitly or if any other keep-condition is met). ticket2680
    • Added new option --osm.oneway-spread-right <BOOL> for setting the default spreadType to right for one-way edges (i.e. motorways).
    • The <split>-element now supports the new attributes idBefore, idAfter to determine the ids of the newly created edges. ticket2731
    • Added new option --reserved-ids <FILE> for loading a selecting of node and edge ids that shall be avoided in the output network.
    • When importing networks from DlrNavteq format, the new option --construction-date YYYY-MM-DD can now be used to interpret the readiness of roads under construction.
    • Networks exported to DlrNavteq format now contain additional information: bridge/tunnel information, form of way, ZIP code, prohibited_manoeuvres, connected_lanes
    • Warnings are now issued when steep grades are present in the road network. The warning threshold can be configured using the new option geometry.max-grade <FLOAT>.
    • <laneOffset> data is now imported from OpenDrive networks
    • Added new option --window-pos <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window placement.
    • new hotkeys implemented. ticket2694
    • New icons for edit modes. ticket2612
    • Added new button to the object locator dialog that allows toggling selection status. ticket2687
    • Added new option --flow-output.probability <BOOL> for generating probabilistic flows instead of evenly spaced flows. Thanks to Dominik Buse for the patch.
  • TraCI
    • Added functions person.getStage, person.getRemainingStages, person.getVehicle and person.getEdges to the API, the python client and the C++ client. ticket1595
    • Added functions person.add, person.appendWalkingStage, person.appendDrivingStage, person.appendWaitingStage, person.removeStage, person.removeStages, person.setColor, person.setLength, person.setHeight, person.setWidth, person.setMinGap, person.setType and person.setSpeed to the API, the python client and the C++ client. ticket2688
    • The python client now supports vehicle.getPosition3D.
    • Added the functions vehicle.getLine and vehicle.setLine to the python client and the C++ client (to be used for public transport) ticket2719
    • Added the functions vehicle.getVia and vehicle.setVia to the python client and the C++ client (affects subsequent rerouting calls) ticket2729
    • Added the functions polygon.getFilled and polygon.setFilled to the python client
  • Miscellaneous
    • All applications now support the option --precision <INT> to specify the output precision as number of decimal places for floating point output. For lon/lat values this is configured separately using option --precision.geo <INT>.


  • Simulation
    • A warning is now issued when trying to define a vehicle with vClass=pedestrian as this vClass should only be used for persons. ticket2830
  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 14
  • Binary format
  • Miscellaneous

Version 0.28.0 (01.11.2016)


  • Simulation
    • Fixed bug that was causing insufficient overtaking on a single-lane road when using sublane simulation (most noticeable with small step-lenghts). ticket2518
    • Fixed invalid count of insertion-backlog for flows. ticket2535
    • Added check for possibility to stop at scheduled stops during insertion. ticket2543
    • Fixed invalid timeLoss values in tripinfo-output (last step was counted twice for some vehicles).
    • Fixed bug that would prevent a vehicle from reaching the end of it's route after rerouting while being teleported. ticket2554
    • Fixed erroneous detector output for a special situation. ticket2556
    • Fixed computation of energy loss for subsecond simulation. ticket2559
    • Fixed crash when using closing-rerouters that prevent vehicles from departing after being loaded (related to ticket2561).
    • Fixed invalid permissions when using multiple closing-rerouters that modify permissions of the same edge ticket2560.
    • Fixed crash when using the sublane model with varying lane widths. ticket2585
    • The option --ignore-errors now properly ignores vClass-related errors. ticket2148
    • Vehicles are now properly angled during lane-changing in sublane-simulation. ticket2525
  • MESO
    • Tripinfo-output now has appropriate timeLoss values. ticket2570
    • Fixed invalid lane permissions when setting lane-specific attributes without specifying lane-specific permissions. ticket2515
    • Fixed invalid elevation values at junctions when importing OpenDRIVE networks.
    • Fixed crash when importing OpenDRIVE networks.
    • Fixed invalid internal-lane geometries when exporting OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2562
    • Fixed various specification conformity issues when exporting OpenDRIVE networks.
    • Option --street-sign-output now only generates signs at real intersections.
    • Fixed error when loading a .net.xml file and patching lane numbers with an .edg.xml file. ticket2459
    • The visulization option show lane borders is now working.
    • Fixed crash when user loads an empty E3 detector ticket2249
    • Geometry nodes are no longer drawn when set to full transparency (alpha = 0).
    • Geometry nodes are now colored for selected edges.
    • All textures are now loaded instead of a white square or a netedit crash. ticket2594 ticket2476 ticket2597
  • TraCI
    • Vehicles added via method add() of the python client now have the correct departDelay value. ticket2540
    • Vehicle type value retrieval via the C++ API is now working.
    • Setting and retrieving edge travel times and efforts via the C++ API is now working.
    • It is now possible to specify routes that contain TAZ-edges. ticket2586


    • Added new option --new <BOOL> for starting with an empty network.
    • Added new option --window-size <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window size. ticket2514
    • Junction attribute tltype is now supported.
    • Joined TLS can now be defined by setting the junction attribute tl following the same rules as in .nod.xml files. ticket2389
    • Added support for restricted lanes (Sidewalks, buslanes and bikelanes). ticket1568
    • Now junction visualization can be toggled between bubbles and their real shape when in Move-mode.
    • Connections can now be shown in inspect mode (by activating a check-box) and their attributes can be edited. They can also be selected in select-mode and deleted in delete mode. When inspecting edges or lanes, controls for accessing their connections are now available. ticket2067
    • Now delete mode has a frame with information and options for deleting. ticket2432
    • Intervals of Rerouters can be edited using a dialog ticket2480
    • Added new option --window-size <INT>,<INT> for specifying the initial window size. ticket2514
    • Added new visualization setting for drawing right-of-way rules (colored bars).
    • Background images (decals) now support the new Boolean attribute screenRelative. When set to true, position and size are relative to the drawing window instead of being relative to the network. ticket2438
    • Vehicle types are now included in the emitters-output by default. The new option --vtype-output <FILE> allows redirection the vTypes into a separate file.
    • If the average measured speeds are systematically above the speed limit of the respective roads, the written vTypes use attribute speedFactor to reflect systematic speeding.
    • Added new option --speeddev <FLOAT> to set a speed deviation for the generate vTypes
  • TraCI
    • Added new convenience function traci.start that automatically selects a port, starts sumo on that port and connects. ticket2236
    • Added new get/set command height (0xbc) to retrieve and modify vehicle height (applicable to vehicles and vehicle types). ticket2573
    • When adapting edge travel times and efforts, the (optional) parameters begin and end are now supported by the python client and the C++ client. ticket2584
  • Tools
    • The tool (previously undocumented) now supports additional options for departure time modification based on departure edge and for shifting departures within one time interval to another interval. ticket2568
    • supports the new alias --edge-permission for former option --vclass.


  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 13
  • Miscellaneous
    • The full 24h-dataset for the TAPASCologne scenario is now available
    • The deprecated option --lanechange.allow-swap is no longer supported. ticket2116
    • The laneChangeModel="JE2013" has been removed due to strong similarity with LC2013. Using the model is deprecated and now defaults to LC2013
    • SUMOPy has been added to the SUMO repository and to the relase. Many thanks to Joerg Schweizer.
    • The libraries for the Windows build and release were updated to Fox 1.6.52 and Xerces-C 3.1.4 (with an additional fix for XERCESC-2052)

Version 0.27.1 (27.07.2016)


    • Original IDs are no longer lost when splitting edges. ticket2497
    • Elevation data is now correctly imported from OpenDRIVE networks. ticket2239
    • Fixed crash when increasing the number of lanes by setting numLanes. ticket2505
    • Fixed slow loading of large networks.
    • Custom colors for selected junctions and edges are now working. ticket2386
    • Fixed crash when using option --ignore-error with invalid via-edges. ticket2494


  • Simulation
    • Added new option save-state.period <TIME> to save simulation state periodically. ticket2441
    • Added new option save-state.suffix <STRING> to determine the suffix of saved state files. The default is .sbx which saves in a binary format. Alternatively, .xml may be used which makes the state files human-readable.
    • Networks exported to OpenDRIVE now use parametric curves to represent smooth geometry in place of straight-line segments. ticket2041
    • Networks exported to OpenDRIVE now contain elevation data. ticket2240
    • Parametric curves as specified in OpenDRIVE version 1.4 can now be imported. ticket2478
    • Revised default OpenDRIVE typemap. Now imports additional lane types such as tram and rail. ticket2492
    • Added new option osm.layer-elevation <FLOAT> to import implicit elevation data from OSM-layering information.
    • Networks imported from OpenDRIVE now contain edge type information based on the OpenDRIVE lane types. ticket2509
    • Added Visualization options for drawing intersections with exaggerated size and disable edge drawing based on custom widths. ticket2140
    • Added Visualization option for indicating the driving direction of lanes. ticket2180
    • Added Visualization option for drawing sublane boundaries
    • Lanes can now be colored according to the number of vehicles that are delayed from entering the network. ticket2489
    • Added Visualization options for drawing intersections with exaggerated size and disable edge drawing based on custom widths. ticket2140
    • Added Visualization option for indicating the driving direction of lanes. ticket2180

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